Saturday 13 July 2019

JFA upcoming excavations in 2019!

"Durchgangslager Hanko" 1942-1944 

Gebirgsjäger Mützenabzeichen. Photo Teemu Väisänen.

German WW2 transition camp. Location Hanko Tulliniemi 15-19.7.2019. Arranger Hangö Sommaruniversitet. There is still room if you wish to particiate! Please contact for directions (you can register at the excavation site).

Lohja Kittiskoski E

Neolithic comb ceramic clay vessel. Photo National Board of Antiquities.

Excavation of a neolithic dwelling site. Location Lohja. Arranger Hiiden opisto. There are two spots left for the 24th and the 25th of August. Please register here

Kimitoön Telegrafberget 2

The mysterious building foundation of Telegrafberget 2. Photo Jan Fast.

Excavation of an optical telegraph station from the time of the Crimean war. Location Kemiönsaari. Arranger hembygdsforskarna i Kimitobygden. Register here

Raseborg Malmkulla

Autumn wonders @ Malmkulla. Photo Jan Fast.

Excavation of an early comb ceramic dwelling site. Location Karis SW Uusimaa. Arranger  Karis Hembygdsförening with funds granted by Svenska Kultursamfundet. Please register here

Kimitoön Ölmosviken

A large lte neolithic potsherd from the Ölmosviken site! Photo Jan Fast.

Trial excavation of a late neolithic (Kiukais culture) dwelling site. Location Kemiönsaari. Arranger Dragsfjärds Hembygdsförening. Please register here

Hanko 1941

Finnish soldiers at the Hanko front in he summer of 1941. Photo SA-kuva.

Battlfield archaeology weekend in september/early october (the exact date will be decided later depending on the pre-registrations/letters of interest). The excavation is made in co-operation with the Hanko Front Museum Location Hanko Lappvik. Please send letter of interest to

We dig it all. See you in the pit!

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