Monday 8 July 2019

Back to the conflict archaeology of "Durchgangslager Hanko 1942-1944"

Today we started off with a new excavation area and a new excavation team. This week will be a tight knit group of 13 persons in all excavating the second German dump site of the Entlausungsdorf NE area.

BA Teemu Väisänen (right) supervising the participants of the second leg of the excavation. 

We encountered a wide variety of finds already in the topmost excavation layer. Although this dump at first seemed smaller than the one we excavated last week we might be in for a surprise.

Pictures of the many different small finds from excavation area two.

Usually an accumulation of this kind of many different types of finds in the topsoil indicates a "deep dump pit". Let´s see.

10 cm:s down.

The bottom layers of excavation area one that we excavated last week, produced interesting heavy timber structures, probably from a 1940-19412 Soviet machine gun nest. Thank God we have hard working guys on board that know how to swing a showel.

Mika and Teemu digging in.

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