Monday 5 May 2014

Upcoming excavations this summer. Seems like I´m caught up between the stone age and WW2.

Today I had the privilege of meeting my excavation team from Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium a tight knit and very motivated group of young students. The excavation will start on the 13th of may. I will share pictures online of both the finds and the features here immediately when the first excavation day is over.

Happy graduates of this fine school.

I also received the long awaited list of participants for the "Jokiniemi dig" in late july/early august today. My first thought was like wow!!! All these people (80 in all) want to be part of this experience 20 years after I last took to the spade here. I´m really starting to feel the "Good Vibrations" again. This unique project will be so awesome. I will be lecturing about the excavation and meeting all the participants on may 15th in the auditorium of Heureka. Everyone be there  :).

Jokiniemi 1990 (Jan Fast, Matti Huurre, Eve Schultz, Anna-Liisa Hirviluoto, Mirja Miettinen)

Finally next week it´s also time for one more visit to the German WW2 transition camp area. This time in search of the long lost remains of the "Soldatenkino". I expect the are will be littered with finds covering the activities of the soldiers here.

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