Tuesday 13 May 2014

Great day excavating the stone age of Raseborg

Great young people, some great finds and above all not a single drop of rain today.  Started out early (7 am) with archaeology students Vilma Tani and Emma Hirsimäki and drove straight to the town of Raseborg to fetch our digging permit from the landowner. After that straight to the stone-age dwelling site to prepare todays excavation before the students from Karis-Billnäs gymnasium arrived at 9 am.

We put up  small trial excavation area for the students maybe a little smaller than we planned because of fear of rain later in the day. No rain and  some 5 hours later we closed the test pit and headed home, feeling tired but very very happy. Thank You so much too all who helped make this day a very special one indeed.

We will be continuing to the site a few more times to do more test digging before the 25th of May when our excavation permit from the National Board of Aniquities expires. If you want to join please email me at jfarchaeology@gmail.com

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