Thursday 8 May 2014

The excavation permit for the Säterigatan excavation arrived today

So now we are really set to go with archaeology students Vilma and Emma from the University of Helsinki and the students of Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium. Please come and visit us if you have got the time or you happen to be in the area from the 12 th to the 25 th of may.

The research are is marked with an arrow on the map.

The first excavation day of this wonderful site from around 4000 BC will be on Tuesday the 13 th  of may and I´m expecting some very interesting finds this season as we will be charting the very center of the dwelling site. Depending on the finds we will make up plans for future excavations at the spot and probably "dig till we drop" ;) in  search of this type of ceramics...

"Östsvensk gropkeramik" or so called  "Eastern Swedish Pitted Ware".

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