Sunday 4 May 2014

The "Mannschaftsbaracken" of the "Entlausungsdorf" are gone

This sad sight awaited me and Swedish archaeologist Anders Wikström when we visited the "Entlausungsdorf " area of the German WW2 transition camp on the 2 of may 2015. The remains were (and are) very dangerous and it was necessary to tear them down.  I would like to thank Axa Sorjanen, Stig Leivo, Vilma Tani, Heidi Moisio and Rafael Jern for their help in documenting and excavating the remains before their destruction. I would also like to thank the town of Hanko and the Freeport of Finland for all their help on a very short notice.

The WW2 conflict archaeology project will now concentrate on the surviving buildings and undisturbed activity areas of the camp.

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