Sunday 4 May 2014

Archaeology class in Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium tomorrow

After some very interesting weeks filled with WW2 conflict archaeology I´m finally meeting up with my stone-age excavation team, the lucky students and their teacher Jan-Erik Till tomorrow. The school is a very nice one indeed and situated in W Raseborg. I will be lecturing about archaeological excavation methods and other important stuff before the actual excavation that will take place a  few weeks from now.

Graduate students of Karis Billnäs Gymnasium

The students are participating in "archaeology class" and we will be excavating a stone age site from around 3800 BC with permission from the National Board of Antiquities. The site itself is interesting in many aspects. Previous trial excavations have yielded several hearths a red ochre grave and possible ceramics belonging to the Swedish Pitted Ware culture. Despite the excavation being a very small one I expect interesting finds and above all a very positive experience for the students participating :)

So called typical comb ceramic ware from around 4000 BC.

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