Thursday, 21 June 2018

The "Durchgangslager Hangö" 2018 excavation season starts on Monday!

I have been waiting a year for this excavation and now it´s finally just a few days away. The conflict archaeology dig in Hanko will be supervised by me and a very talented crew of archaeology students from the University of Helsinki and Umeå Universitet, each of them with a burning interest for WW2 conflict archaeology. Anu, Teemu, Fanny and Toni will present themselves and contribute to the blog in their own words during the dig.

German DRK propaganda card.

On week one (25.6-29.6) we will focus on excavations in the "Deutsches Rotes Kreutz" Schwestern area. Hopefully we can find traces of the daily life in the camp of these 31 female DRK members!

German patriotic matchbox cover.

Week two (2.7-6.7) will center on the area were German soldiers left the trains after the long journey from the Nordfront. Probably lot´s of personal items here (like the matchbox cover above).

Items found during previous excavations in the "Ukrainerlager" area in the exhibition @ Hanko Museum

On week three (9.7-13.7) we we will excavate the surroundings of the Ukrainian prisoner of war or "Hilfsfreiwillige" camp where we have located several interesting German dumps from 1942-1944!

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