Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Huge amounts of WW2 finds! Excavating "Durchgangslager Hangö", day 2/15

Day two of the excavation and what a day it was!! Huge amounts, and wide variety of finds today!

One more Catholic rosary!

We continued excavation on both excavation areas and to our surprise both of them were extremely rich in finds. The finds from the DRK (Deutches Rotes Kreutz) area included fragments of old records, bottles, porcellain fragments, medical vials, well preserved cigarrette packages etc. etc.

Gerrman "Gold Dollar Cigarretten" package as found after 75 years in the soil!

Digging up a large can of "Sauerkraut".

Porcellain fragments from the nearby "Soldatenheim Hanko".

Most of our team dug the "Ukrainerlager" area which produced lots of finds already on day one and  day two was even better than the first day. The finds included many bottles, food ration cans and what was most delightful many personal belongings of German soldiers!

A German soldier scratched his initials on the lid of his messtin. 

Someone turned a Solingen cutlery knife, into a very sharp razor.

Bottles, bottles, bottles!

We will continue our research tomorrow, so stay tuned for more interesting artefacts from the dig!

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