Monday, 25 June 2018

"Durchgangslager Hanko". The 2018 excavation. Day 1/15.

Finally. The first day of the 2018 excavation season of "Durchgangslager Hanko". We opened  up two very different excavation areas. One near the "DRK Unterkunfte" and the other one close to the "Ukrainerlager" area of the camp.

Excavating the "DRK Unterkunfte" area.

The DRK dump sadly proved quite poor in WW2 finds but we will take a closer look at that area tomorrow and dig a bit deeper. The Ukrainerlager dump was rich in finds of many sorts!

Excavating the large dump of the "Ukrainerlager".

A harmonica!

 A pipe by Fritz Büttner (Danzig)

Tomorrow we will open up a small excavation area in the "Finnenzelte" area of  the "Ukrainerlager".

A German (?) ankle boot.

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