Saturday, 9 June 2018

Excavating Porvoo, Vävarsbacka II, exciting day two!

Fantastic day with very interesting pottery finds  includung corded ware pottery, asbestos ware and Sipilänhaka pottery!

Today we excavated layer two.

The finds of corded ware potsherds was very exiting, The potsherds included finds of both the cord imprint style as well as the fishbone ornament.

Corded ware potsherd with cord imprint.

The other finds included hundreds of potsherds, four stone artefacts a couple of whetstones and burnt seal bones.

Ka III pottery.

 Slate artefact.ll excavation area 

 Ka  II pottery.

Flint artefact.

The total amount of pottery from the top two excavation levels from the small excavation area now amounts to some 5 kg:s in all!

Sonja with her finds.

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