Friday, 8 June 2018

Excavating Porvoo, Vävarsbacka II, many finds already on day one!

This was the first day of the much anticipated dig of the neolithic dwelling site Vävarsbacka II in Porvoo. Excellent weather (again) and the excavation got off to a really good start!

Lot´s of pottery and this was only day one!

Because of the good weather and the very good excavation team we managed to excavate the uppermost two levels in one day. The cultural layer was intensely greyish brown in colour.

 Excavating layer one.

The hundreds of finds were from many different time periods and included atleast Typical Comb ware (Ka II:1 and Ka II:2, Late comb ware (Ka III:1) and one piece of asbestos tempered ware.

Typical comb ceramic ware.

Fragment of clay idol?

Late comb ceramic ware.

Asbestos tempered ware with repair hole.

The exvation continues tomorrow when we will dig into layer II. Lots and lots of finds are expected so stay tuned!

Layer two ready to be excavated tomorrow :)

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