Sunday, 3 June 2018

Exploring WW2 Hanko for the "Hanko 1941" project

We´re about to start a new WW2 conflict archaeology project that centers around the war between Finland and the Soviet Union on the Hanko front 22. June to 2.12.1941.

Finnish troops at the Hanko front in 1941. Photo SA-kuva.

The project started today when we surveyed potential areas of interest and visited the Hanko Front Museum in Lappvik as well as the Russian war cemetery in Täktom.

WW2 Russian War Cemetery in Hanko, Täktom. Photo Teemu Väisänen.

Massive Russian dugouts in Hanko, Lappohja. Photo Teemu Väisänen.

Swedish volunteers "Svenska Frivilligbataljonen" dugout in the frontline. Photo Teemu Väisänen.

The Hanko Front Museum. Photo Lasse Nyman.

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