Friday, 15 June 2018

Finally back @ Vävarsbacka

Today we started the second leg of the Vävarsbacka II dig. New fresh team of volunteers, new excavation area, same old archaeologists ;)

Digging layer one of excavation area two.

As anticipated the first excavation layer proved very rich in finds. Todays treasures included pottery of  a variety of different styles (and ages) fragments of stone artefacts, whetstones and burnt seal bones.

 Early typical comb ceramic pottery 3900-3600 BC

 Early typical comb ceramic pottery 3900-3600 BC

Late typical comb ceramic pottery 3600-3400 BC

Late comb ceramic pottery 3600-3200 BC

 Fragment of a stone axe

Smoke quartz artefact.

The new excavation team worked like a dream despite the heat, mosquitos, agressive horseflies  and the dust. Below some portrait photos of the diggers :)

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