Friday, 15 July 2016

Thank You Jasmin, Anni and Jordan! Thank you Hangö Sommaruni!

It was a true pleasure and a great experience for me to work together with the three of you for three weeks in Hanko, S. Finland. You are all very talented and above all great company!

Jordan Paddison from the University f Aberdeen (left).

I hope that we will be able to continue our work in Hanko in 2017, after all this summers excavation was only a trial excavation before the big one next year :). Allthough feeling a bit tired after three weeks of hard work I´m actually already looking forward to the next season!

German soldiers shaving on the beach.

Me guiding people from Hanko and Germany on the beach.

I would also like to take this opportunity and thank Jan Martti Kaila and  Japo Knuutila for their valuable work in documenting the whle thing and especially the "Baracke". Thank you Yrsa Grüne for lending us your home.

Nature taking it´s revenge on the barracks.

Last but not least thank You Leica Finland and Mika Ikonen.The Leica Zeno 20 worked like a dream!

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