Monday, 11 July 2016

A small piece of Berlin in Hanko, Finland.

Sad to say but the 2016 dig of Deutsches Lager Hanko is almost over :( we have  only four days left of this years excavation..

Berlin made tube of "Körperschutssalbe".

This 11th excavation day was a rainy one and we had to quit early. Still some very nice finds again. Back "home" Anni and Jordan cleaned a few of the finds from Friday while Jasmin worked in the garage, sorting through all the finds from the past two weeks!

Some German soldier squeezed the last drop of his Solidox toothpaste before he discarded the tube.

Christmas decorations were found during last years excavations and again today when we recovered this small brass bell. The item could also be a "Schnapps bell".

Tomorrow we will be extending excavation area two and digging into layer six so be prepared for many more find in tomorrows update.

New week with a new team of ten :)!

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