Tuesday, 12 July 2016

On the beach

Today we concentrated on documenting the beach area of "Deutsches Lager Hanko" thanks to our co-operation with Leica Geosystems/Mika Jussi Ikonen we have the priviledge of using very high tech in our work the marvelous Leica Zeno 20! The accuracy of the device makes it possible for us to pinpoint every single find from the WW2 conflict archaeology excavation with an accuracy of 1 cm!

Leica Zeno 20 at work Archaeology student Jasmin Jyrä (univerity of Aberdeen) mapping the finds in the beach area of "Deutsches Lager Hanko".

The excavation areas one and two continued to produce large amounts of finds highighting the different aspects of life in the camp 1942-1944.



Mauser cartridges.

 German Nivea sunoil "Hautöl" bottle.

Tomorrow we will be checking out the rest of the beach area and continue with excavating layer 6 of the large German dump (excavation area 2.). Until then bye from sunny Hanko :)

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