Tuesday, 5 July 2016

"Kriegsmarine" buttons and French "Eau de Cologne" bottles from the excavations of "Deutsches Lager Hanko".

We are digging into layer three at the moment. Many, many find stoday too and we cleaned a few of them for you to see. Todays finds included some intersting textile remains as well as several items made of leather (our fridge is filling up rapidly with these finds in desperate need of conservation).

Lunch break in sunny Hanko during the excavations.

Digging it.

Below are a few o todays vast array of finds. I´m trying to post pictures of finds that we haven´t encountered before but I will make an exception in the beginnning.

"Kriegsmarine" tunic buttons.

 A nice period porcelain plate but what do you think about the makers mark...

Where was this plate produced?

 German batteries for a flashlight...

... and a telephone

.Once again many of the finds were related to the medical care of he German soldiers. This small "Aspirine" box was issued to every German soldier fighting on the eastern or western front. The medicine was made by the infamous "IG Farben comany" for "Bayer".

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