Thursday, 7 July 2016

A windy and rainy day excavating Deutsches Lager Hanko

Lucky for us the rain started in the aftenoon. Today we continued the excavations of the "Entlausungsdorf " and the "Ukrainerlager" areas. We also mapped the area with Leica Zeno 20. What an amazingly accurate instrument!!

Excavation area one continued to produce a lot of interesting finds. Below are just a few of them.

 German razor handle.

                                                   Cobolt blue French perfume bottle!

A nice makers marked part of a ccomb (Hercule Sägemann, Hamburg 1937).

 Gasmask attire from 1936!!

Excavation area 2 is now over 60 cm:s deep and the food ration cans keep on coming. A few of them have nice markings like this Wehrmacht aluminium ration can from 1942.

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