Monday, 26 October 2015

Back from the 7th Baltic Archaeological Seminar BASE-7 in Latvia

Home again after three days of lectures in Latvia. It was so much fun meeting all the wonderful people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. Not a single uninteresting lecture or session!! A big thanks to every single one of you for making this an event to remember <3 :).

The visit was especially rewarding for me personally as (with the help of the arrangers) I was able to visit the superb stone age sites of Purciems and Gipka on the last day of the seminar. It was in this area that anthropomorphical clay figurines very similar to those found in Vantaa Jokiniemi were discovered by Latvian archaeologists E. Sturms and I. Loze in the 20th century.

Happy archaeologist on the neolithic dune settlement site of Purciems, Latvia. Photo Gabriele Gutaitiene.

We also visited the dramatic find site of a large bronze age hoard on the beach near the harbour town of Ventspils.

 Ventspils beach, nearby the place were a large bronze-age hoard was found in 2001.

On the way to the find site.

We also visted the fantastic museum housed in the restored castle in Ventspils. There is a very neat archaeology exhibition in the castle!

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