Tuesday 6 October 2015

"Deutsches Lager Hanko" 5-6.10.2015 excavation update

Back home again after two days of rather intense digging. First of all sorry that I didn´t update here yesterday but the Wifi in my accomondation was down due to technical failure. Below are a few of our finds from the first days of the dig. Here we go!


We started off exactly were we left off a couple of weeks earlier and carefully dug our way down some few centimeters more before stopping for documentation. Naturally a lot of cans but also some objects made of wood and leather and glass. This schnapps glass was especially nice!


Among the larger iron cans were a few aluminium ones "Made in Norway". And a few other items such as a small aluminium container for condensed milk (with the label AL-DIN 252).

Can (condensed milk)

 Norwegian "Sardine" can.

The weather was excellent but rather cold (especially in the morning). Due to the closeness to the sea the "Ruska" hasnt set in yet despite the low temperatures during the night.

The "Ukrainerlager area" of "Deutsches Lager Hanko" photographed today (6.10.2015).

As usual we also found lots of bottles. Today the nicest finds were an Austrian beer bottle "Puntigamer"...

... and a German Sek or Champagne bottle!

I would appreciate some help in identifying the brand!!

We are forced to take a break with the excavation tomorrow but from friday to sunday it will be full steam ahead again!! Thanks for watching!

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