Saturday 10 October 2015

Gebirgsjäger pin, pipes and bottles and more

Excavating the last layers we rather surprisingly ran into a multitude of different objects (again). Combs, rifle shell casings, bottles and pipes, only to name a few. The single most beautful thing so far must be a gilded Gebirgsjäger pin with a pickaxe and an Edelweiss (to the right). The pin is missing it´s needle, it´s 3 cm:s in length.

 Gebirgsjäger, Edelweiss pin.

What was particularly great about this beautiful find was that it was found by the youngest participant of the day in a totally whole and untouched context. He also found some wonderfully preserved wine bottles!

German wine bottles.


Tomorrow we will round up this years excavations. Kinda sad really but as soon as the snow melts next spring we will be back ad this time with at least a full one month scientific archaeological excavation!

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