Sunday 11 October 2015

Deutsches Lager Hanko 11.10.2015

This was the final day of the excavation of the site in 2015. Icy roads on the way south and -2 C when I reached Hanko at 09.00 am. During the day the temperature gradually rose to about +4 degrees  C.

Many nice finds this day too :). A couple of them illustrating the Finnish-German "Waffenbruderschaft".

This Finnish Spoon-Fork item was found buried deep down in the German dump. The date on it correlates with other dated finds from the site.

Int. (19)42

The other finds consisted of bottles, cartridges, coins, smoking utensils, tubes etc. etc. This nice medicine bottle can be attributed to E. Merck Darmstadt.

I will be updating more of the finds as I clean them during the next couple of weeks!

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