Thursday 8 October 2015

Documenting the buildings of "Deutsches Lager Hanko"

Trial excavations.

Not so much digging today but instead we concentrated on the documentation of the "Baracke"  in the "Entlausungsdorf" area of the camp. The documentation is part of the scientific research of the surviving buildings of the camp.

The general idea is to study which parts of the buildings have survived in an original state after their construction in 1942/1943. We chose the "Heeres Betriebstoff 64 Baracke" as starting point as it appeared to be the best preserved one of the "Baracke" in the area.

HBK 64 Baracke, Entlausungsorf 8.11.2015.

HBK 64 Baracke, Entlausungsorf, detail.

HBK 64 Baracke, Entlausungsorf, detail.

When looking more closely at the largest of the buildings several later modifications and additions to the buildings could easily be detected. For instance in the largest building in the area the roof had been raised and original window openings closed.

There used to be a window here...

A new window has been inserted in one of the barracks.

The sauna seems to be the most authentic of all the buildings in the area with only very minor modifications having been made  since 1944 :).

Sauna, roof detail.

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