Friday 9 October 2015

A friday well spent digging under clear autumn skies

Ruska over the "Ukrainerlager".

Today I supervised the digging by a group of students from Ekenäs Gymnasium. The finds were once again excellent and covered a wide variety of objects including the first Sovjet related item (a green enamel mug). The German finds consisted of bottles, different boxes (soap bx and an aluminium container for shoe polish), an aluminium mug and different articles related to personal hygiene such as a razor handle.

 Sovjet enamel mug, by the location of the find this could have been used by one of the Ukrainian prisoners of war.

 The inside of a standard German soldiers soap box.

 An aluminium mug.

Razor handle.

While we were excavating archaeology student Anu Varjo and amateur archaeologist Esa Kukkola continued and completed the documentation of the barracks in the "Entlausungsdorf". A very good day indeed. 

"Sauna, Entlausungsdorf".

Tomorrow we will continue the excavations of the western part of the WWII German transition camp.
Different sizes of German food ration cans lined up to be counted and measured.

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