Sunday 7 June 2015

More finds from "Deutsches Lager Hanko" and assorted good news regarding the project :)

Yesterday we finished the first leg of the 2015 excavations of  "Deutsches Lager Hanko". Below are some assorted pictures from last weeks work :)

Digging in.. 

 German bakelite soap box.

 Paper items, German cigarette box.

 Wehrmacht standard ration food cans and an ink bottle.

 Luftwaffe visor cap eagle.

German wine bottle and other stuff.

 Digging the Gebirgsjäger marching boot.

Gebirgsjäger bakelite box for the G.36 gun.

I will start work on my dissertation about the German transition camp next autumn at the University of Helsinki dpt of Archaeology. Also much needed additional funding for the excavations and interviews with locals (and so much more.. in Hanko) has been granted by "Sparbanksstiftelsen i Hangö". I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all who have been supporting me during the first steps of this project! Can´t wait to start working full time soon :)

7,5, cm Gebirgsjägergeschütz 36 mountain gun.

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