Monday 22 June 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 neolithic stone-age dig day 1/22

Today we started our one month long dig. First heavy rain and then finally only cloudy skies. A hectic day but a good one in more ways than one. First of all very nice people and three superb archaeology students who personally guided each and every one of the participants.

Excavation in progress.

The first days are more or less about removing the remains of the 30-50 cm very wet plough layer that covers the excavation area. By Wednesday we will be start digging into the first level of the neolithic find layer.

Tough work.

Todays finds were very common finds for a stone-age dwelling site from this period (ca 3400-3100 BC). Pottery, quartz and flint flakes, pieces of polished stone tools... The most intriguing finds from today were a few quite large crystals of quartz.

 Quartz crystals.

Ka II:2 pottery ca 3400 BC.

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