Tuesday 23 June 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 2/22

Still digging through the topsoil but we are slowly getting there ;). As the profile of the excavation area grows higher the finds get bigger. Like this nice rimsherd (typical comb ceramic ware) illustrates.

 Typical comb ceramic ware ca 3600 BC.

The decorated rim of the same potsherd.

In order to better illustrate the land upheaval effect on the site we have placed signs showing the participants were the seashore was during different periods of occupation of the site.

Ca 3000 BCE (before Christian era) translates to ca 21 m above present sea level.

First radio interviews today too. The reporter was awesome and stayed at the dig for the complete day!!  :)

Tuomas interviewed by radio reporter from the Finnish National Brióadcasting company (YLE).

To be continued .... :)

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