Thursday 25 June 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 4/22

The day was windy and cloudy but thank God almost no rain. Work on the site is advancing steadily and by tomorrow afternoon we should be through the topsoil on the entire excavation area.

With over 20 persons participating in the dig tomorrow we should finally be through layer one.

Despite only touching the surface of the find layer the finds are accumulating rapidly. Todays finds included potsherds (late comb ceramic culture) and a fragment of a slate sinker.

Fragment of a small neolithic slate sinker (notice the notch or groove at the end).

What would I do without all the wonderful people participating in the dig, totally fearless of the weather. The archaeology students from Helsinki university dpt of archaeology are top guns too :)

 Archaeology students Nelli and Emma <3

The best crew ever!

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