Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 3/22

This day was a rainy one but thanks to the hard working crew it turned out very good! Lot´s of great finds too (well preserved neolithic pottery, another intriguing crystal an unfinished flint arrowhead and a beautiful fragment of  a neolithic slate ring fragment (according to grave finds these were probably used as dress ornaments).

Digging in the rain (our tent covers an area of only 10 x 3 meters so space became a problem at the end of the day :)

Original 1980´s Finnish design "Rukka" raincoat!

Below two of todays beautiful finds, an unfinished neolithic flint arrowhead and a fragment of a neolithic polished slate ring!!

Below is a complete neolithic slate ring found during excavations of the neolithic grave site of Laukaa, Hartikka.

A slate ring from Laukaa, Hartikka. Photo Museovirasto.

The slate rings from one of the red ochre graves from Laukaa, Hartikka. Photo Mirja Miettinen.

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