Monday 29 June 2015

Jokiniemi days 5-6/22

Summer has finally arrived in S Finland at least for this week. After spending a wonderful weekend vacation in the archipelago I will now post a short update on last Friday and today, sry for the delay guys...

I will start of describing the finds of neolithic pottery. As we are now (finally) digging into the untouched stone age layers of the site the amount of pottery is gradually rising. As for now it seems we are mostly finding late neolithic pottery (late comb ceramic period or Ka III) which corresponds to the elevation of ca 20-21 m. asl.

Due to the great weather on friday and today we have been advancing a lot and the dig is now only approx one day delayed from schedule. We will probably catch up for lost time tomorrow :).

Happy diggers :)

Let´s see what tomorrow and the rest of the week will bring when it comes to finds. The find layer is rich and thick and dark brown in color so I guess anything can happen :).

"On the beach"

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