Wednesday 13 February 2013

Happy reading in the E-train

This morning I spent an hour or so strolling through all the beautiful issues of  Fennoscandia Archaeologica, Finskt Museum, Suomen Museo, Muinaistutkija and a few more which were given away for free at the annual meeting of the Finnish archaeologists yesterday. I even stacked a few of them in my EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) bag to read in the local train to Helsinki and felt deservedly (at least I think so) different from my fellow passengers staring into their mobile phones and pads.

Some of the articles were difficult, some were impossible to grasp but as is always the case with books, one can find the ones that really make a difference and so did I this morning with an article about excavating the immediate surroundings of prehistoric rock paintings in Finland. Gave me the thrill and the chills again :) I LOVE ARCHAEOLOGY <3

The Valkeisaari rock painting

Read this!

Antti Lahelma, Excavating art: A "ritual deposit" associated with the rock painting of Valkeisaari , eastern Finland.
Fennoscandia Archaeologica XIII (Helsinki 2006)

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