Wednesday 27 February 2013

Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten...

Upcoming battlefield archaeology project.

A few years back I got hold of two unpublished
hand written diaries (with photos) from a member of the Finnish "Lotta Svärd" organisation. The very well written diaries give a very vivid account of the life and situation of the German and Finnish soldiers, the fighting and of the whole cultural complexity of war in Finnish Lapland during one month in 1944. The diary would be worth publicizing in its own right.

I have decided to go further and try to relocate the site, the German camp and the associated Lotta Svärd canteen in Kutsa (east of Salla) in Russia were the described events occurred. I am also planning an excavation of the site to "illustrate the diary" and a documentary movie "The road to Kutsa and back". Anyone interested in the project please contact me.

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