Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Busybusybusy and in a good mood

Today Matti Klinge tomorrow Charlotta Wolff and writing and writing and writing, sounds stressful but no it isn´t. I´m enjoying everything full time. Still... so many projects so little time. Another good thing is that I realized that my studies are almost over (at least for the moment) the fact is that I´m enjoying the atmosphere of the university so much that I´m sure I will continue my studies after 2013. I have a few very good topics and ideas about what these studies could be but more about that later. Archaeology and history is what I live and breathe at the moment and in the future :). Here´s a nice BBC documentary check it out if you haven´t seen it already (it´s from 2004). The BBC sure knows how to make good and catchy documentaries!

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