Thursday 14 February 2013

Alf-Gunnar Kranck excavation photos found

Got a telephone call yesterday from Gunilla Kranck the widow of the very active amateur archaeologist and photographer Alf-Gunnar Kranck. She told me that she had found a huge pile of photos that Alf-Gunnar took while participating in different excavations from 1987 until his death in the early 90´s.

This is extremely good news because very few pictures exist of the early amateur archaeologists at work in southern Finland and Vasa (western Finland) from those years. I will visit Gunilla and start sorting out the pictures beginning on the first of march.

Alf-Gunnar (seated in the middle) on his beloved Jurmo in 1982 in progress of raising the midsummer pole 
(picture by Timo Salonen).

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