Thursday 16 June 2022

Late Iron Age bronze penannular brooch found during excavations of the stone age dwellling site in Jäkärlä, Turku SW Finland

A complete late Iron Age penannular brooch was found today during archaeological excavations of  the Jäkärlä stone-age dwelling site in Turku SW Finland. Although iron age finds from stone-age sites are known from before the find provokes interesting questions.

Horsehoe shaped Fibula found during the excavation in Jäkärlä on June 6th 2022.

This particular type of brooch was a common part of the female dress during the Viking Age and Early Crusade Period in Finland.and was and worn in the upper chest area of the dress. 

Reconstructed female Viking Age dress from Perniö. Photo

The brooch was found in untouched sandy soil at a depth of some 15 cm:s below ground surface. It is therefore possible that it was lost by its owner but of course other options also remain. We will be excavating the find site with utmost care during the following days and also conduct a metal detecting survey of the find area.

And yes... we also found many nice stone-age finds attributable to the Jäkärlä culture today :)

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