Friday 17 June 2022

Day 3/8. Excavating the Jäkärlä (Jäkärlä Culture) stone-age dwelling site in Turku SW. Finland

Today we finally hit the jackpot when we found two large concentrations of  well preserved potsherds from the Jäkärlä culture. Finds of potsherds of this type are rather rare in Finland so we were all very exited about the find which may make it possible for us to restore two or maybe three complete pots.

Well preserved large fragments of Jäkärlä Ware.

According to archaeologist Petro Pesonen "Jäkärlä Ware appears to be a short-living and quite a isolated group with possible coexistence with Middle Neolithic Typical Comb Ware in the turn of the Early and Middle Neolithic of eastern Fennoscandia" (Pesonen P. 2019) . Jäkärlä ware can be dated to a short 200-300 year long period around 4000 BC.

More ornate Jäkärlä Ware.

Today we also found a complete but well worn slate chisel and a large fragment of a stone-axe so the next couple of days will be very exiting indeed.

Part of the fantastic team of the first leg of this years excavation in Jäkärlä. Photos Jan Fast and Suvi Pukero (l.)

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