Wednesday 29 June 2022

Day 3/8. Excavating the Kläppkärr (Early Comb Ceramic and Corded Ware Culture) stone-age dwelling site in Espoo S. Finland

Today we finally got to excavate the top of the find layer. As the finds are quite plentiful and we have a steady work force of 20 people/day we extended the excavation area with 8 more square meters. 

Archaeologist MA Janne Soisalos work today centered on the Tachymeter and other measuring work.

Despite a fierce (but short) thunderstorm the excavation proceeds according to plan. Todays finds inclded many well preserved items from the later stage of the Early Comb Ceramic period. The over 200 finds included a slate chisel, fragments of whetstones and numerous potsherds, quartz and slate flakes as well as burnt bone. 

Slate chisel (right) and Ka I:2 rimsherds with traces of red ochre paint and charred organic remains.

A few interesting features have also started to appear. Among them is a 80 cm deep and 1,5 m wide refuse pit with signs of fire and mixed finds from both periods of occupation.

An 80 cm deep refuse pit in the E profile of excavation area one.

The third day of excavation also brought more potsherds from the Corded Ware Culture including a few very nice rimsherds with a nicely outwards bent rim.

Corded Ware Culture rimsherds.

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