Thursday 30 June 2022

Day 4/8. Excavating the Kläppkärr (Early Comb Ceramic and Corded Ware Culture) stone-age dwelling site in Espoo S. Finland

We are now half-way into this years excavation. With the weather still on our side it is very probable that we are about to hit the part of the find layer with most the best finds tomorrow. The fine sandy soil makes the excavation work easy and also helps out in the spotting of finds.

Excavating layers 2 and 3.

Todays finds were a mix of Corded Ware Culture and Early Comb Ceramic Culture items. All of the stone artefacts found today (including a larg fragment of a stone axe) belong to the Comb Ceramic phase as was much of the pottery. Finds of burnt seal bones can also probably be connected to this older occupation phase.

More early Comb Ceramic potsherds decorated with a very strict geometric design.

As much of the data related to the finds is still stored in the tachymeter it is still too early to say anything certain about how the finds from the different occupation periods are spread out in the cultural layer. At the moment however the finds seem to be very mixed both vertically and horisontally.

Pinponting the finds using a tachymeter.

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