Friday 10 June 2022

Day 3/5. Excavating the Kolsarby (Kiukais Culture) dwelling site in Kirkkonummi SW. Finland

What a wonderful day at the excavation. We managed to excavate almost the entire layer two and found several Kiukais culture potsherds and another large whetstone in the eastern part of the excavation area. 

Classic "Kiukais Culture" rimsherd with groove ornamentation under the rim.

The soil of is littered with stones and pebbles, not the most typical soil type for a stone-age dwelling site in southern Finland where the sites usually are sittuated on areas with fine sand.

Stones and pebbles litter the 2nd level of the excavation area.

Due to the soil type finds are very hard to observe during excavation which makes sieving very important indeed. Many of the potsherds and especially burnt bone fragments were found during sieving.

Possible future archaeologists during sieving.

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