Saturday 4 June 2022

Day 12/13. Excavating the Kittiskoski E multiperiod dwelling site in Lohja SW. Finland

After two weeks of excavting with schoolchildren today was back to traditional Community Archaeology with the Hiiden Opisto archaeology field school. The dig continued were we left off two weeks ago. As we are now excavating the bottom half of the find layer the finds are both plentiful and well preserved.

Comb Ceramic potsherds and a small slate chisel from todays excavtion of The Kittiskoski E site.

The find layer is greyish brown coloured as a result of stone-age activities on the site over a period of thousands of years. Darker areas show were pits have been dug through the cultural layer. Tomorrow we will excavate two of these pits one of which is exteremely rich in finds.

The main excavation area photographed in level 3.

Plotting each of the finds with a tachymeter kept Janne and Tanja busy throughout the day. Probably tomorrow will be no different :)

Finds, finds, finds...

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