Saturday 9 May 2015

Metal detecting, lectures and research in Raseborg SW Finland

New, previously unknown iron age grave site discovered today in Raseborg SW Finland!

I know Raseborg very well, I know almost every site and I have been supervising archaeological excavations there since 1987. Today (and yesterday) me and metal detecting tech Stig Leivo shared and connected with the local metal detecting community. First theory.

The attentive and very talented audience.



During our carefully planned field survey we located one previously unknown iron-age grave site (probably ca AD 400) and an destroyed iron age (ploughed over) grave  site. These finds added a new chapter especially to the "Domargård area". I will do my utmost to raise funding for research of a large iron age cairn in the area in 2016.

"Law and order" ;)

Get away from the fields and find new undisturbed prehistoric sites!

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