Monday 11 May 2015

Långåmossarna stone age dwelling site 4300 BC rescue excavation

We started off slow today, mainly preparing for the dig main dig next weekend and the bigger one that starts in the beginning of june. The Långåmossarna site in itself  is a very  interesting and complex one with finds from the late mesolithic, the early comb ceramic culture, the corded ware culture and possibly even the early bronze age.

The gravel pit is the problem.

The main target of today was a stone-age hearth or refuse pit that was about to be destroyed due to erosion of the edge of the gravel pit. We are in for some very bad weather with heavy rain in the days to come so we concentrated on the documentation of the feature.

 One or two superimposed pits or hearths?

Our work force today consisted of students from Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium. and I have to say the students did an excellent job indeed!!! Not so many finds of course due to the nature of the fieldwork but what a wonderful team! Archeology student Jimena from  Helsinki University dpt of archaeology helped me out with a lot of stuff as always ;).

Student from KBG experiencing a different school day.

Archeology is for everyone, especially in the service of protecting and documenting the prehistoric heritage under threat, as in this case, erosion. 

Archaeology student Jimena "on the edge".

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