Wednesday 6 May 2015

Introducing the early comb ceramic culture to students

This Monday I will kick off the fieldwork season of 2015 with a series of digs of the Långåmossarna stone-age dwelling site in Raseborg SW Finland. 

The road to the undisturbed site of Långåmossarna is a very beautiful one.

This will be a community archaeology *Experience* in all aspects of the word. The project will include digs with students from local schools, local enthusiasts and with the girl- and boy scouts in Karis and Ekenäs. Below is a picture of a potsherd that had seen daylight after 6000 + years in the ground due to erosion.

Early comb ceramic potsherd (Ka I:2).

The scouts will camp on site and dig for three days in a row!! For the moment I just hope for good weather for all of us :). I will be updating regularly here so please "stay tuned".

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