Sunday 17 May 2015

Girl Guides and Boy Scouts are excellent on archaeological excavations

They even camped on the 4300 BC stone-age dwelling site during the excavation! After a cold spring nite all were fit for action on the first excavation day.  The finds were excellent and so were the moods of the participants <3. Thank You so much archaeology student Anu Varjo from Helsinki University dpt of archaeology for helping me yesterday and today.

Scouts camp on a former stone-age dwelling site in Raseborg, SW Finland.

We started excavating the site in a traditional manner with amazing finds of pottery from day one. Other find included numerous fragments of polished stone axes and flakes of quartz and porphyry. We also found large fragments of burnt seal bone and bones from other mammals and possibly birds but no fish bones whatsoever. The potsherds will be subject to chemical analysis, hopefully we will be able to find out what they once contained. Remains of charcoal will be sent for C-14 analysis as well. These are two of the ten or so potsherds that were chosen to be analysed.

 Ka I:2 pottery (ca 4300 BC)

The excavation was carried out in wonderful spring weather. The ages of the participants varied from 11 to 16 years of age. Every one of them were excellent diggers!!!

 Young, but excellent in what they do!

 The crew.

The excavation area is situated on the edge of a sandpit. 6300 years ago this was a sandy beach by the sea. Due to the land upheaval the site is now situated some 30 m. above present sea level!

The dig will continue on june 5th so stay tuned for more pictures. It´s also possible to join us by contacting me over Facebook or by sending an email to

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