Friday 30 August 2019

Kittiskoski. Thousands of years of habitation of the same site

Yesterday we ended the very interesting Lohja Kittiskoski E excvation. The site was discovered in 1970 but only minor excavations (in 1990 and 2005) had been conducted prior to our research. The sie is situated near a stream in a beautiful, almost untouched environment.

Kittiskoski. The dwelling site is situated on the right bank of the stream. Photo Jukka Lönnqvist.

The excavation produced finds from almost every stone age period in S. Finland (Mesolithic, early-, typical and late comb ceramic culture, Jäkärlä culture, Kiukais culture, Corded Ware culture and Textile ceramics). This is possible because apart from the earliest times of settlement the site, situated inland by a rapid (Kittiskoski), was unaffected by land the upheaval process.

Neolithic flint arrowhead. Photo Jan Fast

Smoke quartz artefact. Photo Jan Fast

The first leg of the excavation was organized as a community archaeology digand financed by Hiiden Opisto while the second part was reserved for local schools.

Participants in the community archaeology dig in action. Photo Jan Fast

School days. Photo Jan Fast

The main part of the finds consisted of either potsherds, quartz or flint flakes and burnt bone. The find layer was approximately 3-40 cm:s in depth and very dark greyish brown in colour.

A small selection of different types of pottery found during the excavation. Photo Jan Fast

We hope to be able to continue the excavation in July next year!

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