Monday 12 September 2022

Excavating General Sergei Kabanovs underground command post. Day 6/10.

Back in Hanko again after a fabulous relaxing weekend at home. We  have finally reached the floor level of the Command Post. This is the part of the excavation we worked so hard for last week.

Wooden floorboards and floral pattern linoleum carpet adorning the generals bathroom and toilet floor. Photos Katja Hippeläinen.

Tomorrow we will be joined by some 20 students from Kallion lukio and Helsingin kuvataidelukio and this day was spent preparing the excavation area for them. The students will be in for a demanding task as they will be clearing away the last layers of sand covering the floors of the WW2 structure. 

Excavating inside the operative room and Kabanovs bathroom.

As we are already in mid September the weather is starting to become a bit unsteady. Heavy rain is expected in the region on Wednesday and Thursday so we will have to be ready with excavating the floor level by tomorrow evening at the latest. After this we will document everything properly (drone photography, photogrammetry etc.) in differenth light conditions before Friday when the excavation area will be filled in and the area returned to its pre-excavation state.

The wooden floorboards show through the linoleum carpet. Photo Katja Hippeläinen

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