Friday, 2 September 2022

A possibly late medieval signet ring fom Korsholm. Excavating Korsholm Castle day 5/6.

Last evening and this morning was spent crowdsourcing for possible information of the bronze ring that was found in the 1960´s on the southern slope of Korsholm Castle. As it turned out the ring is probably late medieval (from the 16th century). 

Cross symbol in the form of a swastika surrounded with rays of light. 

The swastika is actually a personal signature (puumerkki in Finnish) in the form of a cross possibly referring to Korsholm (Cross Island) where according to tradition a cross once stood in remembrance of the Christianization of the pagan Ostrobothnians. The owner of the ring was possibly a member of the bourgeoise who worked as lower rank clerk at Korsholm.

The finder of the ring standing  where he found the ring (in the center of the photo) some 60 years ago.

Todays excavation was a sucess as we managed to reach the upper part of the oldest find layer over the entire excavation area. We will halt the excavation here and continue our work next year. Many nice finds were found today including a nice musket ball, a silver rivet or button, tiles with markings on them and loads of glass, pottery and bone fragments.

Archaeologist Teemu Väisänen (right) oversaw the sieveing but also had time to participate and instruct the students in the excavation work

Bricks with markings.

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