Friday 29 July 2022

The first week of excavations is over but the adventure continues on Monday

Today was the fifth day of the excavation in Geta and what a day it was. Sunny and summery weather and the largest ever found concentrations of potsherds from this site! Seems like next week we will dig into the richest find layers.

One word. Wow!!

We also found several very interesting and elaborately decorated  Pitted Ware Culyure potsherds. By the looks of them it seems very probable that the site has been occupied for much longer than we previously though.

A few of the many Pitted Ware Culture potsherds found today.

Although the site is very rich in finds from almost all find categories the most common finds are pofyrite flakes. The flakes cover the entire 58 square meter excavation area and amount to a total of some 800 (!) kilograms. In order to sort out ordinary stones from the stone-age finds I started looking through the 58 find bags from layer 1 today. A daunting task but one that needs to be done.

Unsorted porfyrite flakes and -tools from excavation layer 1.

Now it´s time  for a two day rest before we continue the excavation on Monday. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Archaeological excavation in progress. Photos Tryggve Gestrin.

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