Sunday 3 July 2022

Day 6-7/8. Excavating the Kläppkärr (Early Comb Ceramic and Corded Ware Culture) stone-age dwelling site in Espoo S. Finland

The 2022 Kläppkärr excavation is nearing its close despite some really nice finds in the last square meters of the excavation area. 

Last finds of Early Comb Ceramic pottsherds. Photo Tuomas Teivonen and Jan Fast (bottom right).

Despite beeing quite rich in finds the find layer was only some 10-30 cm:s thick. Just under 1 000 find spots with one or more stone-age finds were recorded with tachymeter during the excavation.

Layer 3 of excavation area 2 (with excavation area 1 already filled up). Photo Jemina Rajamäki.

Needless to say that the excavation continued until almost the last minute today before we filled up the pit and restored the area to the condition it was before the start of the dig 7 days ago. Tomorrow we will be excavating some trial pits before taking a look at a few interesting prehistoric dwelling sites in the surrounding area. 

The filled up excavation areas 1 and 2 eagerly awaiting some rain.

After this me and archaeologist Janne Soisalo will be taking a short summer holiday before continuing excavations on the Åland Islands 25.7-5.8.2022 and after that at least seven more sites this season.

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